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BUDDY GSA International School

BUDDY GSA International School (BGIS) is an innovative international preschool and kindergarten specializing in sports and physical education. Built upon years of experience by specialized early-childhood educators, the school offers a unique learned journey that combines the Global Step Academy international school curriculum with the physical education programs by BUDDY.

The primary goal of BUDDY GSA International School is to develop well-rounded individuals by fostering their intellectual, creative, personal, social, and physical abilities. The school is committed to educating both local and foreign students to be international and independent thinkers. Also, we focus heavily on academic quality, long-term community development, an understanding of diversity, as well as language learning and communication, ethics, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

Our ultimate goal is for every student to gain the fundamental skill sets and knowledge to become a global citizen and be well-prepared to enter elementary school and continue their educational journey, whether it’s at an international school, a local school in Japan, or overseas.


Our school combines the global education provided by Global Step Academy with BUDDY’s “heart education”, which aims at inspiring children through sports and hands-on learning opportunities.

We believe that physical activities conducted in parallel with academic lessons in a holistic curriculum are essential for children’s growth. We place great emphasis on sports, music, and other extracurricular activities that fully engage the five senses in the learning process.

Support After Graduation

We provide consulting services for students aiming to enter prestigious international schools and boarding schools. We offer comprehensive services including summer camp guidance, enrollment assistance for middle and high schools (domestic and international), and interview support.

Even for those planning to enroll in public or private elementary schools in Japan, our curriculum ensures that children acquire the required academic skills. This will enable them to comfortably transition to elementary school smoothly.

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